3 Reasons businesses deploy SD-WAN solutions

3 Reasons businesses deploy SD-WAN solutions

3 Reasons businesses deploy SD-WAN solutions

The SD-WAN market is growing exponentially. It is slated to become one of the most valuable network infrastructure sectors by 2020! Despite this growth, there are still some skeptics out there who don’t believe in the benefits that SD-WAN technology offers.

We have put together 3 reasons to deploy this technology.

SD-WAN Helps Lower Costs

SD-WAN is much cheaper than a traditionally-defined WAN architecture using dedicated, rented MPLS or other high QoS (Quality of Service) lines. This doesn’t mean that SD-WAN technology can eliminate the need for rented lines – this isn’t some magical technology that can make commercial broadband 100% reliable.

Rather, SD-WAN offers a way to ensure that you never waste any money overprovisioning costly, dedicated private lines. Overprovisioning used to be the best way to ensure that your high QoS lines would always operate at peak capacity. And the logic there indeed sounds – if you rent more bandwidth than you ever use, you’ll never run out.

However, this is extremely costly, and one of the reasons some companies don’t use private lines at all in their WAN setups, opting for VPNS and other commercial broadband technologies.

SD-WAN combines the best of both worlds here – allowing you to rent much smaller QoS lines, and using them exclusively for the technologies that demand superb data speeds and reliability – cloud computing access, video conferencing, application deployment, and so on.

Lower priority web traffic is routed through traditional commercial broadband – or even LTE networks, allowing your private lines to work at maximum efficiency, and decreasing overhead by reducing the total bandwidth you need.


SD-WAN helps improve Network Performance

This same traffic prioritization technology allows all of your networks to perform at top efficiency. Your commercial broadband won’t get bogged down by high-bandwidth cloud infrastructure access, and you won’t use up valuable MPLS bandwidth on simple web browsing and file downloads.

SD-WAN architecture bundles together each individual internet connection you have and allows for peak efficiency by rerouting all of your traffic through the appropriate connection.

Simply, this allows for better reliability, faster data transmission, and a highly-available internet service that will never drop high-priority, mission-critical traffic.


SD-WAN is Built For The Cloud

As more businesses move to the cloud, those that still rely on outdated on-premises infrastructure risk missing the boat. There are many challenges facing companies who are considering switching to a cloud-based architecture, and one of the largest issues in the past was the implementation of a robust WAN – steady, high QoS connections are absolutely necessary for IaaS and SaaS cloud architecture to work efficiently.

However, the high cost of renting private lines often prevents these sorts of companies from implementing cloud solutions. But this technology is built for the cloud and offers a way to implement a WAN that’s easily as effective as traditionally-defined WAN – at half the cost.

Because SD-WAN allows for an inexpensive, yet highly reliable QoS experience, SD-WAN implementations are a fantastic way for smaller businesses who used to be priced out of WAN networks to enter the wide world of cloud computing and increase the agility and scalability of their businesses.


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