Hybrid WAN vs. Internet as WAN

Create a flexible enterprise-grade network to every branch with SD-WAN and achieve dynamic path selection, zero touch deployment, traffic steering, single-click orchestration, business and security policy setting, and cloud VPN.

Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN enables shared use of both private and internet circuits. SD-WAN can take Hybrid to another level.

Your Hybrid WAN may have enabled you to send some of your traffic across an internet link to ease the burden on your MPLS connection. This can present challenges with steering the right applications over the right circuit at the right time.

SD-WAN can fill the gap and take your Hybrid WAN to the next level.


Optimal Performance

Leverage the most efficient bandwidth available to transport your most demanding applications.



One click business policy configuration will simplify IT Operation.


Cloud Access

Direct SaaS access increases performance and reliability without sacrificing security.


Dynamic Multi-Path Selection

Steering traffic on a per-packet basis across the best available link in real time prevents black-outs and brown-outs. Pre-set performance criteria enable specific application traffic to use the cleanest, shortest, and most reliable route to access SaaS applications without backhauling traffic through a distant data center as a traditional Hybrid WAN might.

Internet as WAN

SD-WAN has enabled the emergence of private Wide Area Networks across many locations using internet only circuits. Even broadband circuits. This is revolutionary in that these broadband type circuits are a fraction of the cost of a dedicated MPLS T1 or fiber. But what about performance ?

SD-WAN enables you to aggregate 2 or more internet circuits together… running them in a Primary-Primary scenario. The “software” piece of this technology brings benefits giving your non-sla broadband circuits a similar performance quality of an SLA circuit. Here is how:

Cloud Deployment Services

Dynamic Multi-Path Traffic Steering

Steering traffic on a per packet level across the shortest, cleanest path.

SD WAN Security

Link Remediation

Detection of latency, jitter, and packet loss on each internet circuit and running corrective techniques to virtually eliminate. Running multiple paths of connectivity simultaneously ensures the highly unlikely scenario of having degradation or downtime. Think of it as diversifying.

Cloud Deployment Services

Full Network Visibility

Full visibility into data traffic and where a problem may be occurring from the connection to the application an individual user is utilizing.