How SD-WAN is transforming the healthcare industry

How SD-WAN is transforming the healthcare industry

SD-WAN is TRANSFORMING the Healthcare Industry!

The medical industry is one of the market segments that are likely to be transformed by robust, inexpensive SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology. The reason is simple – almost all hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities rely on WAN implementations to deliver reliable, safe communications with important databases of patient information and interoffice communication.

However, the medical industry often has trouble keeping up with the pace of technology due to regulatory hurdles – a 2014 report estimates that outdated WAN and networking infrastructure costs the medical industry nearly $11 billion per year.

Unreliable WANs can mean delays in patient admission, long waits for the results of critical patient diagnostic information, and difficulties coordinating with primary care physicians and other off-site clinicians. These WANs can often be brought down by sudden traffic spikes, or be compromised by an ISP undertaking maintenance or having an emergency outage.

SD-WAN Builds the Medical Networks of The Future

SD-WAN is built to address many of the issues that plague traditionally defined Wide Area Network.

SD-WAN, at its most simple definition, is a suite of routing and software technologies that allow multiple network connections to function in concert – your private rented MLPS line can combine with a T1 or fiber line, or your commercial broadband.

This smart routing capability allows high-importance traffic to be prioritized on the most powerful, high-bandwidth network connections while routing less-important web traffic to slower connections.

This “bundling” of networks doesn’t just provide increased efficiency – it promotes stability and high availability, as a sudden loss of one network isn’t catastrophic.

Instead, the smart SD-WAN router will shift network traffic from one network to another, leading to increased reliability and lower downtime, even during emergency situations. All of this leads to a WAN that is robust, reliable, and lightning-fast.

SD-WAN Can Increase Security and Medical Regulatory Compliance

Software Defined WAN can also help increase your security – the routing devices used to “bundle” and shift network traffic based on its priority and urgency also function to encrypt and secure connections that are made over public commercial broadband lines.

One of the biggest hurdles facing the medical industry when it comes to IT infrastructure upgrades is regulatory compliance.

Given the huge amount of personal, protected information contained within medical databases and cloud-based medical software, it’s more important than ever that your networks comply with all necessary governmental regulations for the protection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other regulations like HIPAA.

The robust security settings provided by SD-WAN networks can help bring your network into the 21st century, all while sacrificing none of the privacy and security features that are required by law for medical networks.

Your SD-WAN network will be totally secured and safe from surveillance on public internet circuits, and SD-WAN providers can work with you to ensure that you abide by all necessary governmental regulations.

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