How can SD-WAN Save your Company Money?

How can SD-WAN Save your Company Money?

SD-WAN ROI (Return on Investment) Can be HUGE! This article explains how it can save your company money.

How can SD-WAN Save You Money?

SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) is becoming quite the topic of discussion in the IT and tech community of late. This unique set of networking technologies uses specialized routers to bring together multiple disparate types of network connections – broadband, MPLS, and even LTE – and allow for an intelligent routing of network traffic to the connection best suited for it.

For example, an important video teleconferencing call that demands high QoS (Quality of Service) could be routed over a dedicated, privately rented MPLS line, but web traffic of a product designer doing some Google Image searches for research would be routed over a cheap broadband connection.

By doing so, SD-WAN systems can avoid costly overprovisioning, ensure that services that require maximum QoS continue uninterrupted, and still provide you with a lower overall cost compared to traditionally-defined WAN implementations. Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of SD-WAN now.

What’s The SD-WAN Difference in SD-WAN and Traditional WAN Solutions?

Basically, SD-WAN allows you to do more – with less.

The way that traditionally-defined WAN systems allowed for good QoS was by overprovisioning – simply, you rented more bandwidth than you needed on your private lines to ensure that when you needed maximum speed, you would have it.

While this certainly does guarantee good QoS, it’s also incredibly expensive – renting an MPLS line is orders of magnitude more expensive than commercial-grade broadband systems.

This sort of overprovisioning is also wasteful – most of the time, you will either be filling up your capacity with low-priority traffic, or not using it at all. Your expensive rented lines will just sit there dormant until they’re needed – not exactly a great ROI.

SD-WAN changes everything by eliminating the need for overprovisioning. The smart software in SD-WAN implementations prioritizes– rather than overprovisioning.

This means that data center traffic, cloud application traffic, and other high-importance, mission-critical data can be sent through fast, secure private MPLS lines, while less important information can be rerouted and sent through commercial broadband lines, or even LTE. Doing so allows you to reduce the cost of your rented private lines, while still allowing for maximum QoS.

What Kind Of SD-WAN ROI Can I Expect?

SD-WAN cost savings are huge, compared to traditionally defined WAN implementations. In exceptional cases, cost-savings can be nearly 80% – though figures of 30-50% are more common. You can make up the cost of your initial investment very quickly indeed, making SD-WAN ROI quite competitive.

SD-WAN is not magic – simply implementing an SD-WAN solution won’t allow you to just ditch high-capacity MPLS or other rented lines. Software Defined WAN is simply a more efficient way of doing things – it allows you to utilize every single internet connection you have, bundle them together, and switch web traffic based on priority.

So while you may not be able to disconnect that costly private line just yet, you’ll certainly be able to reduce your overhead by ensuring you fill it to capacity at all times – and that you don’t pay for bandwidth you don’t use.

Call Cloudbrij Today – And Maximize Your SD-WAN Cost Savings

Cloudbrij is an industry leader in the implementation of SD-WAN. Our comprehensive, four-step SD-WAN installation process ensures that you get the perfect solution for you – not some one-size-fits-all implementation that’s built to line our pockets.

We analyze your needs, design a plan, implement our recommendation, and back it up with full-service support – or even managed network services, should you require them.

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