3 Benefits for Deploying SD-WAN for the Construction Industry

3 Benefits for Deploying SD-WAN for the Construction Industry

SD-WAN for the Construction industry has tremendous benefits

Traditionally-defined WAN implementations have long been thought of as only practical for large offices which need to connect to large corporate databases or cloud infrastructure. And while this is true for most traditionally defined WAN implementations that use privately rented lines, it’s not the case for the new field of Software-Defined Wide Area Network implementations (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN for the construction industry is a much more lightweight, agile technology, allowing multiple internet connections to be bundled together into a robust, secure package with plenty of bandwidth and flexibility – and the applications that it can have in the construction industry are absolutely tremendous.

Let’s look at 3 of the ways that SD-WAN is changing the way the construction industry implements temporary wide area networks.

SD-WAN Integrates Broadband And LTE For A Better Network Experience

One of the hardest things to deal with at construction sites is the uncertainty of your connectivity options. You could have dozens of network providers who are willing to run a line to your site – or you might be in the sticks, where you can barely even get a cable line.

This uncertainty has long made construction site networking difficult to predict – you’ll never really know your network’s capabilities until it’s set up.

However, SD-WAN can allow you to use a nearly unlimited combination of commercial broadband and LTE signals to create a robust, strong, and reliable network.

This because SD-WAN implementations are able to route traffic intelligently – if you have a low LTE signal from one of your providers, traffic can shift to another LTE provider, or to a broadband link, minimizing interruption of service and increasing availability of the network.

This means there is much less uncertainty about the network – sites can invest in multiple broadband lines and multiple LTE-connected hotspots and mesh them all into a single, reliable network that will continue operating even in the event of some signal loss.

SD-WAN Simplifies The Deployment Of Robust Networks

The robust networks that SD-WAN offers are simple to implement and can be as simple as connecting all of your networks into just a few routing units.

This allows the implementation of an enterprise-grade WAN system in mere minutes, not days or hours – allowing your group to get to work more quickly.

SD-WAN Increases Security And Ease-Of-Teardown

One of the benefits of SD-WAN is that, functionally, each individual connection operates as part of a secured whole that can use security technologies such as encryption and VPNs, allowing for secure traffic to and from your construction site – no need to worry about the vulnerabilities that can be common on lower-grade commercial network lines.

You can also monitor traffic and the status of your network remotely in real-time, giving you a better idea of the devices and bandwidth being used by your team.

In addition, the teardown of a site’s network is incredibly simple – disconnect your SD-WAN devices, revoke security certificates remotely, and get ready to move on to the next site.

Cloudbrij – Your #1 Construction SD-WAN Service

Cloudbrij specializes in the deployment of powerful, functional SD-WAN services over a variety of different industries.

Every construction site and every project are going to be different – we understand that, and our four-step process will help create a perfect, customizable SD-WAN solution that will be economical, efficient, and eminently reliable.

If you’re interested in seeing how SD-WAN technology is changing the world of Wide Area Networks for construction sites, contact us today, and visit our website to learn more about our team, our expertise, and our proprietary software.

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