How SD-WAN Can Benefit Your Company

How SD-WAN Can Benefit Your Company

How Can SD-WAN Benefit Your Company?

Many companies are benefiting from SD-WAN. It is a hot topic in the IT networking industry. There’s a lot of buzz around the innovative technological solutions that allow SD-WAN to provide great WAN performance. This is often at a fraction of the cost of traditionally-defined WAN networks – and that’s not always a good thing.

The true benefits of SD-WAN implementations can easily get lost in the nonstop marketing buzz that surrounds the industry. So we’re here to show you the four simple ways that SD-WAN can benefit your company. No hyperbole. No marketing mumbo-jumbo – just the facts.

Lower Costs

SD-WAN implementations can be anywhere from 30-80% cheaper than a traditional WAN that relies exclusively on high-bandwidth, overprovisioned MPLS rented lines, or other high QoS (Quality of Service) private lines.

This is because SD-WAN routers allow web traffic to be rerouted intelligently to the appropriate network service – instead of routing loads of low-priority traffic through an expensive MPLS line, choking out mission-critical information, SD-WAN will automatically switch lower priority traffic to commercial broadband, instead of expensive rented lines.

This leads to much lower costs – instead of costly overprovisioned MPLS lines, your company can rely on a much smaller rented line that’s dedicated solely to high-QoS traffic – your corporate broadband will take care of less important data transfers automatically.

Increased Efficiency

The same automatic traffic switching systems that lower costs also increase the efficiency of your WAN – instead of each individual internet connection functioning separately, SD-WAN brings them all together to work as an integrated whole.

By doing so, efficiency is increased – high priority data uses QoS private lines, medium-priority uses fiber, low-priority uses commercial broadband, and so on. This smarter, automatic distribution of traffic allows each network connection to operate at peak efficiency and prevents any one data connection from getting bogged down with huge data transfers.

Higher Uptime

SD-WAN allows you to combine network connections from multiple service providers. This can also help increase network uptime. If a network line goes down due to maintenance or an emergency outage, SD-WAN software routers can switch traffic to other network lines that are still up and running. This leads to a highly-available networking experience with much higher uptime than traditional networks.

Cloud-Ready Architecture

WAN implementations can often be a huge reason that companies are still relying on outdated, on-premises infrastructure and servers. A good cloud solution must include a robust WAN system, or else you risk losing mission-critical data on public commercial broadband lines. However, the high-cost of WAN has been a barrier to entry for smaller companies who are looking to switch to cloud computing.

One of the best benefits of software-defined WAN is that the lower cost of entry allows smaller companies to afford smaller, dedicated rented lines that can be used solely for their cloud infrastructure at half the cost of traditionally defined WAN implementations.

So if your company is looking to switch to the cloud, but wary of high-cost WAN implementations, an SD-WAN network could be a perfect choice.

Talk To Cloudbrij – And See The Results

SD-WAN implementations will become the backbone of your network infrastructure. Despite their lower cost and increased efficiency, you can’t just trust any company to implement this technology. Schedule a FREE network readiness assessment today to see if you can benefit from SD-WAN.

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